Do not build your business on sand

These days, the foundations of sustainable entrepreneurial activity are based on the ability to operate and verify structures and processes in accordance with legislation at any time. Compliance management has therefore become one of the most important disciplines in the company. Its effectiveness is dependent on the IT infrastructure – if the right information is missing at the wrong moment, there will be significant damage: from damage caused to the image to a criminal and civil prosecution of the company and its leading managers.

The bad news: compliance requirements will increase even further over the next few years. One wrong move in the jungle of bureaucracy can be expensive when it comes to goods exports, occupational safety or cartel authority specifications. The good news: within your corporate IT system, there are starting points which will allow you to take control of this complex situation in the long-term. For example, by applying an IT-supported cross-functional compliance strategy which identifies and reduces any overlap or repeat redundancies in the risk, legal, HR or purchasing specifications.

Our services cover these and other aspects of modern compliance management:

  • Consultation regarding the technological integration of all the relevant specifications such as HIPAA, the NYS Technology Law §208 or SEC followed by implementation if required.
  • Fine-tuning of your IT systems in line with hardware regulations to protect and ensure the availability of servers or international data protection regulations governing information security.
  • Identification of information management risks which could trigger complaints, fines or skimming of excess profits.
  • Reduction in duplicate expenditure and costs through a transparent compliance strategy.