It is not possible to reduce every complexity – but every complexity can be managed

It is not possible to reduce every complexity – but every complexity can be managed

Did you ever have an ant farm as a child? Then you have a clear advantage when it comes to the issue of governance. There are few other sectors where you have to collect different levels of information processing in such detail: how does information flow through the company? How is it used at which points and how is this flow of information regulated using governance specifications relating to data security, protection and storage?

Thanks to our governance specialists, you can identify critical information, potential compliance problems and data management risks in good time. We will work with you to develop information standards and guidelines as well as supporting you with implementation across the company – in addition to ensuring target-oriented checking of results.

Our core services in the governance field include:

  • Minimization of risk and optimization of value creation with IT service frameworks in line with ITIL, CObIT and ISO 20000 certification.
  • Ongoing knowledge transfer based on the latest industry-specific governance standards and developments relating to needs-oriented further training. We offer this for all governance managers from CIO to compliance, legal and risk specialists and executive board members.
  • Security assessment of data storage in line with the usual governance specifications in the industry.
  • Review and improvement of information quality in data management, also in orientation on business corporate goals.