Lost in dataspace?

There are certainly no growth problems when it comes to data – nothing is growing as exponentially as the information stored in IT systems. German companies maintain around 740 terabytes of data and this is on the increase.

This explosion of information can be managed with a transparent, user-friendly interface for data archiving which makes the relevant information available in real time. Three key points are important here: first the collection of new data, second the secure storage of older information in line with legal specifications and finally a reduction in the overall volume of data in the system. We devise and implement the same processes for all points: the monitoring, analysis, categorization, archiving and processing of all data.

Furthermore, we offer the following core services in relation to archiving:

  • Audit-proof, digital archive systems and end-to-end solutions which meet all the national and international legal standards and compliance guidelines.
  • Reduced IT infrastructure costs thanks to applications and data consolidation.
  • Results-oriented solutions which generate new business from inventory data or create synergy effects between locations via cloud archiving.
  • Ensuring long-term, technology-independent data usability.