Always On or total Off?

Online architecture systems are like arteries: websites, mail servers and cloud applications ensure that your business remains fit and healthy. However the more processes and applications take place over the internet, the more important it is to have a robust hosting concept – after all, total failure can cause existential dangers to a company. Our IT experts devise individual hosting solutions and operate them around the clock so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Achieving a more efficient flow of information should be taken as read and not regarded as a distant goal. This includes the highest possible level of fail-safe operation with all data being backed up regularly offline and accessible in a protected form. We will regulate this for you with hosting concepts which meet our high standards in terms of flexibility, cost variability and rapid adaptability to new requirements.

We place a great deal of importance on precision and reliability – especially when it comes to calculating the services and resources required more accurately. Our core services in the hosting field are:

  • Development of Office 365 services and infrastructure with 24/7 support for all the communication processes within the company – from email to exchanging information via collaboration platforms.
  • Development of hybrid scenarios to integrate existing infrastructure such as Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and Lync.
  • Private cloud hosting for flexible work processes at any time and in any location including all services such as virtualization, automatic deployment and monitoring.
  • The highest levels of information security based on our own hosting at a computing center in Germany.