Which brother is watching you?

There is no doubt about it: your data is not just of interest to you. The important thing here is to know who else would find this interesting. Companies today cannot afford not to know the answer to this. After all, industrial espionage, hacking and viruses cause billions of euros of damage in Germany alone each year.

Two challenges therefore need to be solved to ensure optimal protection of intellectual capital against cyber-attacks: first designing security systems which can keep up with the extreme adaptability and technological ingenuity of the attackers. All security processes and technologies should also meet the internal security standards and (inter)national legal specifications.

Our profile of solutions in the security sector focuses on these exact issues:

  • Development of strategies to defend against attacks and reduce expenditure on security and compliance management.
  • Devising, implementing and operating a heavily protected IT architecture from the server to the network and individual workstations.
  • Application of the latest technologies such as authentication systems using fingerprint/iris scanners and effective software tools to protect the cloud, web and mobile networks.